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Elegant dresses that suit many occasions shouldn’t be hard to find. Kamila Dmowska was created with the belief that elegance should always be attainable. Our dresses are designed with expert craftsmanship, the highest-quality fabric, and classic silhouettes that you expect from a luxury brand, without the excessive cost associated with high overhead. We design for women who lead a varied but curated lifestyle—who work, travel, explore and love.

about kamila

Kamila Dmowska was founded by Kamila, who had a dream of owning high end NYC designer dresses without paying a fortune. She realized there were no American sportswear fashion designers with a NY design esthetic who sold exclusively online. With the advantage of being online she created a luxury brand that cuts the middleman out, offering the highest quality dresses straight from the runway.


We are obsessed with fit and make sure every dress is crafted with precision and flair. We produce in the heart of the Garment District, New York and share manufacturers with the other high end brands being sold at Bergdorf Goodman or Barneys. The Hamptons, tea parties and metropolitan cities are some of the locations of inspiration for our dresses. We believe that a quality dress with a good fit shouldn't be a luxury but an everyday necessity.

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