Thanks for looking me up. I created this website to introduce myself and have a medium for writing about life, travel, and desires. I am a very creative and curious person. I like to think about consumer behavior, the irrational stock market, and people in general. My greatest joy in life is travel. I love the experience of travel, and I have a fondness for airports. I might be the only person in the world who loves spending time in the terminal. For two reasons. First, flying and being in motion makes me somehow creative, where I can be utterly self-absorbed in thinking. Second is that the moment I step into the airport, I get filled with excitement, freedom, generously absorbing everything around me but also wanting to change everything that surrounds me, questioning the existing model- large airport economies that haven’t changed in decades. I still value the first reason more, but I can’t shake the idea of improving our means of travel. I hope one day, I will get there.

I like to read fiction, biographies, and the lost generation writers. I am also a hotel snob and like to drink medium quality coffee. Living in San Francisco (I am from Poland) is challenging for me at times as the coffee shops only serve artesian, well-refined coffee for its local coffee connoisseurs.

I have never really considered myself a fashion designer. I realize it’s weird to say because I went to fashion school (before studying international business) and founded a brand, Kamila Dmowska (2014-2017). I have always been very analytical, entrepreneurial (started making money at age 12), an observer, loving fine things in life, and intrigued by our relationship to consumption (the reason I enjoy reading F. Scott Fitzgerald so much). My brand Kamila Dmowska was launched in Silicon Valley and featured in numerous publications, including Vogue. But my biggest accomplishment is that it is still worn today by the most incredible and inspiring women around the world.